Wordful Wednesday San Diego Travel Food Edition

Wordful Wednesday San Diego Travel Food Edition

This was Amazing!

homemade tortilla, Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

You know what travel food is, right?! It is the food you try when you travel that is different than your normal options. I always try somewhere unique and different. I always ask someone I am with, if local, for suggestions, or the server what they are known for, or a popular dish. I tend to enjoy different food varieties and like new things.

This shows 2 homemade flour tortillas. One is pink for Breast Cancer Awareness. They were so awesomely yummy that I have already looked up how to make homemade tortillas. I have the recipe downloaded. I ate these with just butter smeared over them, still warm. Nom.nom.nom. OMG. Truly a phenomenal moment. I absolutely cleaned my plate of food from this place even though I knew I was headed to a tasting at the hotel for our conference coming up. mmmm. I can still taste how good these are.

This was the rest of my meal

cafe coyote breakfast travel food

We grabbed them from Cafe Coyote, located on San Diego Avenue in the Old Town area of San Diego. I have a whole post about my travel to the West Coast. I have been a busy girl!


What is your favorite travel food?



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