How to upcycle a Sweater to new fashion

sweater2Show some love to an old sweater.

Making a thrift store sweater look like a designer shirt is possible to do on a dime and it isn’t that hard to accomplish. Following these simple steps can help you make your child (or yourself) a fantastic sweatshirt that’s in-style for this winter season.



One sweatshirt (this one was bought for $4)
1 felt sheet (23 cents) in a plain color
2 felt sheets (96 cents each) in a pattern of your choice
Fabric glue (optional)
Stencils or cookie cutters
Fabric pencil


Wash and dry your sweatshirt

Cut the felt pieces in the shape of your choice. For this one, I chose to use heart shapes for the elbow patches since it was for a little girl.
Lay the pieces out on your shirt as you desire. This season, elbow patches are very popular for sweaters, no matter if they are for a child or adult, male or female.

At the bottom corner, cut a small hole in the sweater and patch the hole from the inside of the sweater with a felt piece of your choice.
To make the sweater look vintage, fray the bottom and the cuffs of the sleeves. This works best on sweatshirts that have a ribbed band at the bottoms of the shirt and sleeves, and it is not a requirement. To do this, cut a very tiny slit in the band and then cut the hem open. If you choose to do this, do it before washing so it frays perfectly before the first wear.

photo (4)

Sew your patches on! To help them stay in place, apply them with fabric glue first.
To make the patches stand out, follow up with thread that shows along the patches, as seen in picture four.

Wear immediately for fantastic style that cost less than $7.


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