Unique Halloween Costumes for kids!




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It’s that time!! Halloween is less than 2 months away, and that means it is time to start thinking about what you will be buying.

The Gymboree Halloween shop is now open!

I personally love Unique Halloween Costumes. One of my favorite online places to shop is Gymboree they have the best prices for children’s clothing from infants to juniors, and they just opened their Halloween shop! Gymboree has a great variety of Unique Halloween Costumes for children starting at 3-6 months and range all the way to junior sizes. I wanted to share my love of Gymboree & the great selection of Unique Halloween costumes with you so below I have listed my top 5 favorite Unique Halloween Costumes!


Pretty Peacock

A fun and pretty Unique Halloween Costume girls will love! The colors are vibrant, and it’s not a costume that you see every year. This pretty Peacock is 40% off which makes the price amazing too!


Brave Viking

This boys Unique Halloween Costume is 40% Off right now! Vikings seem to be a hit this year so grab this fun costume at a great price!


Dalmatian Pup

Aww this little Dalmatian Pup is sure to get a lot of attention this Halloween. It’s cute & fun unique Halloween costume. Just want any little girl would want. Grab it now for 40% off!


Junior Race-car Driver

Every little boy dreams of being a NASCAR driver so why not let him dress up in this Unique Halloween costume! Plus it’s 40% off right now so save money helping his imagination!


Mini Monarch

I know Butterfly costumes are super unique, but the way this one is made with the wings helping make the skirt makes this beautiful Monarch costume a Unique Halloween costume. I think any girl would love this it’s a very beautiful costume plus it’s also 40% off!

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