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We took an Airtran flight, business class woot woot, to Playa del Maya, Mexico in February 2013.  It was the start of our 10 year Anniversary trip. We snagged an awesome deal on Airtran Airways, which is now merging with Southwest, for Business/First Class seats. Literally it was only $65 more than regular seats. It was so worth boarding early, and the drinks and snacks we received. The flight was the most fun and relaxing we had in a long time. We have not traveled by plane with our children before, so it was not just because we did not have the kids. The Airtran staff seemed to really enjoy their jobs. It was a wonderful customer service experience and we hope the merger with Southwest maintains that wonderful feeling.

airtran plane

This is a peek we took back at the rest of the plane. I mainly did this because our oldest was very interested in the flight details and understanding how this works. It was a lot of fun to show her the different angle of the plane and explain how it worked. We have since taken her on a flight, and I really feel that showing her what to expect helped out a lot.


Landing in Cancun and turning in the papers, which was confusing and we had to re-do ours, and going through security/customs for search was interesting. We, of course, were randomly selected for search, but it was not bad. They opened our bags and looked through stuff and sent us on our way. Then we had to wait for the shuttle to the resort which took 30 min before it was ready for us to board and then another 45min to hour drive to the resort. It was a boring ride mostly. I was surprised by all the security and military police with their high powered rifles standing around. I was not sure whether to feel safe or threatened even though I was not doing anything wrong. They don’t smile at you. I was glad to make it to the resort and get still.

odd animal

Of course, we checked out the room and view first. We were on the first floor and originally worried about the privacy but that was not an issue.

patio view

We could enjoy quiet time in and around our room.


He played Candy Crush while I enjoyed the private patio pool.  You had to pay for WIFI per device either per day or per week. I had hoped to be able to do it for the room and use multiple devices, but we settled for using the ipad because we could video chat with the kids back home, play games, and more.


Then we headed out to the area that became our favorite spot for the week.

playa maya relax

We ventured out one day to visit the ruins of Tulum and snorkel. I drank plenty of water but still got dizzy and had to sit down. My sugar level dropped, but we bounced back quickly.

Tulum ruins

It was gorgeous. We had an amazing tour guide that new the history so well. He had pictures and amazing stories of how they worked to make their babies more “god-like” and people inside and outside of the temple walls. There were great explanations of the Mayan calendar being more of a constellation event or something more within the skies versus the end of the world. These amazing temples with the doorways in them were placed just this way for the sun to pass through and hit something. I don’t remember all the details but it was fascinating. It is gorgeous and mysterious. I love this type of history. It was surely worth going.

Here is a picture of me cooling off.

tulum jess

We had a late lunch and amazing snorkeling near the resort and they took very good care of us.


But most of the time we just relaxed poolside with a few drinks and each others’ company, remembering that at the end of the crazy day to day of work and kids needing us, we are together for a reason. He is my best friend and I had a blast with him. I know that at the end of raising kids, when they head off to college and leave the nest, I will get to enjoy time with this amazing man.

Count your blessings!

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