There is a lactose free Ice Cream option!

If you suffer from lactose intolerance, or dairy allergies and sensitivities you know what it is to miss out on things. You don’t get to enjoy birthday parties, or other celebrations the same as others. You don’t get to enjoy summer days with root beer floats. You could make your own versions with milk alternatives, as we have done, but many times it is about the convenience factor. We have known about Lactaid as a milk option, but they just upped their ante.

lactaid ice cream

Lactaid has come out with new flavors for their lactose free ice cream. Salted Caramel Chip is the flavor I am searching for locally. You can find them at local grocery stores, I found versions at Food Lion and Bi-Lo, plus you can find it at Walmart for around $4.50/quart. Other flavors include the new Berry Chocolate Crumble, & the chocolate, cookies & cream, butter pecan, and vanilla that they already had out.

You can find more details about the product online, including ingredients, we still have to be cautious about it because it does have high fructose corn syrup in it, so because we have a corn allergy we can’t have it much at our home. I hope they come out with an all-natural version one day though.

That Salted Caramel Chip ones sounds so amazing. It must be because you can’t find it on shelves yet.

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You can check for stores near you that have the Lactaid Ice Cream by clicking this link.


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