Shake up your summer with Aqua Fresca recipes from TLC’s Ereka Vetrini

Ereka Vetrini is the host of TLC’s Sunday Brunch, which airs on Sunday mornings. She brings you the very best brunch & cocktail recipes, styling tips and more, but Ereka just introduced the world to a new twist on the traditional aqua fresca drink. Aqua Fresca is a drink you can¬†traditionally find sold by street vendors throughout Central America, Mexico,…

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ice cream

Check out this Street Vendor Instant Ice Cream Food Art. Bet you could do this at home too. Video

I love street vendors and food off carts. It’s so cool that people can make amazing food in those little spaces. Now you have to see this customized instant ice cream video. I am currently working out my ideas to do this at home. Looks like it could be done. What do you think? The recipe base I think having…

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homemade muffins

Homemade muffin recipe you can’t miss.

This homemade muffin recipe is my family favorite. It has been around since the 70’s, when my mom learned it as a new wife. You can change what you put in it from blueberries, to our favorites raspberries or chocolate chips. Ingredients: 2 cups flour 1/2 teaspoon salt 2 teaspoons baking powder 1/2 cup butter 1 1/2 cups sugar 2…

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Amazing Homemade fudge recipe

Simple, safe homemade fudge

You know this guy I married, he is a pretty awesome cook. We have the food allergies around this place which puts a damper on my sweet tooth. He came up with this amazingly simple and amazing recipe for homemade fudge that he made. This is what I hope he makes for me for Valentine’s day. It was no time…

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homemade baking mix

Simple Homemade Baking Mix; its not just for biscuits

I shared this picture on Instagram and had a bunch of people respond asking for the recipe. This homemade baking mix is really simple and useful in a number of ways. Homemade baking mixes, like this one, makes life not only more convenient, but allows you to eat yummy foods while feeling confident of the ingredients you are giving your…

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