shoe slotz box

Shoe Slotz changes your closet and showcases your shoes

Shoe Slotz doubles your closet storage Does anyone else struggle with closet space for your shoes? I am lucky enough to have a huge walk in closet with the nice wood shelving organizational system. I have my shoes at eye level where I can see them, but it’s still tough. I sure don’t want to get rid of any unless…

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5 Tips to Cut Out Over indulgence

This is the second year I am being more aware of what I bring in the house, and making an effort to purge. I am doing the 52 week challenge from Home Storage Solutions which really just gives me locations and specific tasks to complete so I stay on track. But since I started my Shaklee business this past year,…

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Flatware drawer

My Declutter Challenge: Week 1

I have stated several times, my 2015 is going to be about living more freely. Not bogged down, not so weary, not missing out on life because of stuff. Halfway through 2014, I realized what was weighing me down was the “stuff” literally in my home; toys, games, knick knacks, collectibles, products for review, ticket stubs, craft supplies, hoards of…

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Review 2014 Goals, how did we do?

Since it is the end of the year, let’s see how we made out with the 2014 goals, shall we. After all, what is the point of making goals if you don’t review them and hold yourself accountable to them. You can see the whole post on 2014 goals here. 2014 Goals: Eating NO Processed foods Using essential oils for…

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Top Posts

10 posts from 2014 that you couldn’t get enough of!

Top Posts of 2014 Your Favorite Posts of 2014 are based on how many views, shares and interaction on the posts shared. These comments, and shares are not just from the site itself, but also from social media- Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, etc. I think it is hilarious that the top post is a movie review. Actually 2 movie reviews got…

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