shoe slotz box

Shoe Slotz changes your closet and showcases your shoes

Shoe Slotz doubles your closet storage Does anyone else struggle with closet space for your shoes? I am lucky enough to have a huge walk in closet with the nice wood shelving organizational system. I have my shoes at eye level where I can see them, but it’s still tough. I sure don’t want to get rid of any unless…

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Change the ambiance of your yard with Blisslights

Blisslights will help you get ready to spend your evenings outside now that it’s warm out. We just spent our entire weekend prepping our backyard, and back deck for the warm weather. The kids love being able to stay up later and enjoy the backyard, watch the stars, and just talk.  Finding cool, modern lighting options can make for an incredible…

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bathroom hacks

Clever small bathroom hacks for first time home owners

To keep your bathroom clean, tidy and well organized you can use some smart tips which will help you maintain it to be functional. The bathroom can get easily cluttered with a lot of things. To learn how to avoid this and take care of its cleanness here are some clever small bathroom hacks which can be used by first…

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mint container upcycle

You won’t believe what upcycling this mint container can become…..

I love recycled and upcycled projects, especially when they are simple and meet a need. If you are like me, you will love this project. This simple mint container becomes an amazing multiple use project that anyone can do. Plus there is the bonus of eating the treats to empty the container to use later.   This project uses a…

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small victories sunday link up featured size

Small Victories Sunday Linkup Memorial Day 2015

Thanks for joining us again. As I pointed out last week, we added some team members, and you may see that our party is rockin’! We consistently have over 200 links lately. It’s because we are involved and people are actually looking at your posts and engaging. We love the positive theme of our linkup. Let’s continue to celebrate each small victory!…

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