beauty and the beast

Disney’s Live Action Beauty and the Beast Review

Disney’s live action version of Beauty and the Beast is everything I could have wanted it to be. As someone that remembers when the animated version came out, and watched it over and over again, I had high expectations. To be honest, I didn’t go see Cinderella as a live action. This version seemed even less likely to pull off…

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snow white

Disney re-releases SNOW WHITE & THE SEVEN DWARFS

Most of us have grown up having seen SNOW WHITE & THE SEVEN DWARFS growing up. I have shown it to all three of my children over the years. My siblings and I saw it many, many times. We all know the story, even if we haven’t seen the movie, because of all the fairy tale books. It is the…

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kohls fav descendants line

Back to School Disney Descendants style

We have a slight obsession at home due to the Disney Descendants. My 8 year old and I have a review for it coming up, but trust that it’s big. REALLY BIG. So big that we just updated her back to school wardrobe to include items from Kohls D-signed clothing featuring the Descendants This is more of a “Mal” set….

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Finished Olaf Salt Dough ornament

Cute Kids personal snowman ornament

We have enjoyed my mom not traveling lately especially since I get most of my craftiness from her. When my sister was in town for Thanksgiving, we knew we had to make some plans to keep the six, yes 6, kids entertained. We did our traditional sugar cookie baking, but with the kids all being 7 and under- most 4…

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We had a fabulous #Disneykids Preschool party |Video|

We had a ton of fun being part of MomSelect and Disney’s Preschool Playdate Parties for the #Disneykids #Disneyside celebrations. We are some of those fortunate people that have taken all of our kids to Disney already. So it is not hard to get us excited about Disney. Little Stella doesn’t remember it, she was only 3 months old at…

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