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Want to know why Activated Charcoal is HOT right now?

Why is Activated Charcoal so Hot? Magnoid (Creative Commons)   Patrice N. Le Maire is the founder and president of Eurochoc Swiss Imports, which focuses on finding, selecting, importing and marketing the finest of Swiss premium care quality brands. He has decades of experience working with major global brands, including as marketing director of Procter & Gamble and as president…

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seasonal allergies

Seasonal allergies; how to prevent & fight it

It’s that time of year that we both love and hate. Spring is here with it’s beautiful blooming flowers, bright clear skies. We also have the pollen, making eyes, noses, and throats run and itch. People are struggling with sinus and allergy issues and looking for ways to deal with these seasonal allergies. We received some great tips from Dr. Josh Sandell…

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