StitchFix Review

I started receiving Stitchfix boxes the weekend of Labor Day. I took it to the beach to open and try on with my sister and mom. I believe I sent almost the entire box back. They were the wrong fit, wrong style, and way expensive. I checked my profile again. I had been honest about my style and sizes. I had even made sure to keep updating my Pinterest style board to make sure it showed my true style, what I would actually wear.

That first box contained size 4 black jeans, which would have been awesome except the inseam was entirely too short, and it would have been vulgar for me to go out looking like that. The shirt cuts and patterns were cute but looked horrible on. The dress I received was a great fit on me, but the pattern was not my favorite. I would have kept the dress if it would have been different pattern. Here is a picture of the print out they give you on how to style your items.  I kept that awesome maxi skirt. It was pretty neutral, long, super soft and comfy, and has this awesome slit up the side of one leg. It’s still my fave skirt. 2014-09-01 07.59.03

My next box came and I did not keep anything in it. The shirts fit funny, one item was a scarf that I just can’t justify spending $30+ on. The pants were ok, but I just didn’t love them. 20141006_175335

Here is the card and pricing that came with the items. Now here are the items that I tried on after the kids went to sleep. My issues with the shirts were that they were either too tight in the midsection- though I really thought I would like this patterned and studded shirt , too tight in my chest, – this blue shirt was not made for well endowed girls or just frumpy. Yikes on that sweater. The jeans they sent were not flattering on me, but did fit- surprisingly since they were still a size 4 even when I was clear with them that I was a size 6 after the last box. It is probably because it had a lot of stretch to it.

stitchfix box 2

So, that whole box went back and I was out $20.

The next Stitchfix box arrived and it was better, but not wow. The black shirt and green shirt were ok, in fact, my husband loved the green top, bit it reminded me too much of maternity wear because of the loose front. The dress I kept because it is pretty cute, classic and comfy. The blazer is very similar to 2 others I already had. The jeans were an awesome fit, and we loved them, except that they were just a tad short. It’s already really cold here and that wouldn’t work, and I just can’t think ahead that far yet.

So, up to this point, I had kept 2 items of my Stitchfix boxe. I kept updating my profile, pinning more images to my Style board on Pinterest, and providing detailed feedback about what I liked. It finally paid off. I will share my most recent box on Friday with my favorite things because it literally just arrived this weekend and I had the rest of this post already written. So I went back in to tweak this post so I can share more goodies with you about Stitchfix.  Check back for my total review on pricing and pros vs. cons now that I found a box I love.

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