Spiderman is in my house

spiderman costume

When you have preschool and elementary age kiddos you know they like to pretend and play dress up. Our house is full of dance costumes, princess dress-up, jewelry, nail polish and hats. My poor son is out of luck. When I was contacted to review a Costume of my choice I knew it would be for the boy. He needs something of his own after all. This costume was provided at no charge to me for my honest opinion of it and review. All opinions are mine and my child’s. We were not compensated in any way.
So I went through debating what he would like, and what he is into right now.

  1. Thomas- yeah that would be a difficult costume to use.
  2. Cars and Trucks- yeah same problem.
  3. Transformers- don’t know that we are ready for a 2 yr old to try using a mask like that.
  4. Superheros- Now we are talking!

There were lots of options to choose from. He is a toddler so we usually pick the next size up to grow into and use longer and fortunately most costumes are pretty easy to work with different size ranges.

I picked the Spiderman Costume with the muscles, because what little boy doesn’t want to be a muscle-y hero versus the Tobey McGuire skinny version? (Don’t get me wrong, I like Tobey as Spidey too, but when you are choosing a toddler costume, what do you think they would want?)

Spiderman cooks

As you can see, we are already big into Superheros from his shirt ( we got this shirt at Target).  So now we do everything in costume, including cooking. I don’t know about you but anyone that can cook for me is definitely a superhero in my book. Looks like we will be adding more boy costumes around our house.

We ordered the 3T/4T even though he mostly wears an 18m in pants and is 2years old. I would rather have it long-term because I knew what would happen based on my experience with little girl dress up. aka They wear things forever….. FYI, he is 4 now and still wears this costume and is still one of his favorite things in the world.

It gets worn outside, while eating, crafting, playing- and if you have a boy- you know how rough they are on things. I have washed this costume probably 50 times- No LIE, 50. Yes FIFTY! Multiply that by 100 now and it’s still going strong.



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