Shoe Slotz changes your closet and showcases your shoes

Shoe Slotz doubles your closet storage

Does anyone else struggle with closet space for your shoes? I am lucky enough to have a huge walk in closet with the nice wood shelving organizational system. I have my shoes at eye level where I can see them, but it’s still tough. I sure don’t want to get rid of any unless they break, or the style has changed, right! I was contacted and sent a sample of Shoe Slotz. Girls, lemme tell you, I will be getting more of these.


shoe slotz box

Shoe Slotz are Easy to use

There is nothing to put together. They are ready to go right on your shelf.

shoe slotz side view

Your shoes fit like this, right on the slot, and take up half the space, and you have no waste. It basically doubles your shoe storage space.

This was perfect for my spring cleaning, and looks so nice and neat.

shoe slotz in action

In addition to saving space, Shoe Slotz 

·          Make shoes easy to find

·         Organize and protect shoes

·         Allow for neat display

·         Work in all different spaces including closet shelves, cabinets, shoe racks and on the floor

·         Fit any size and type of shoe (from stilettos to men’s size 14!)

·         Are designed with a durable slip-resistance surface and top-panel shoe guard

Shoe Slotz are Affordable

Shoe Slotz are sold in a 6-piece set for a suggested retail price of $14.99. Which is super duper affordable if you can organize your shoes. That is less than the clear bins people are using to stack with now.

They are available for purchase through the Shoe Slotz website,, in stores nationwide at Boscov’s and Walgreens and in select Bed Bath & Beyond and JC Penney locations.


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