Re-use, Re-purpose, Recycle; More ways to find new life in those old items

Simple Ways to Re-use, Re-purpose, & Recycle

Are you a hoarder? A pack-rat? Just emotionally attached to items? Or do you just know that once you get rid of something, you will think of a way to use it?

Let me help! I love finding items used and worn versus buying new when I can. Here are some ideas I found and fell in love with that help you find new purpose for those old items. I thought this post was perfect for the month of April since it is the month we celebrate Earth day, and what better way to celebrate than to remind us of ways to support and take care of our home planet.

Some of my favorites are found in this collage. I love the idea of re-purposing and items having meaning. Plus, our little farm home is perfect for the shabby chic decor.


recycle reuse collage

1- Neckties Into a Statement Necklace

2- Transform Eye Shadow Into Nail Polish

3- Ice Cube Tray Into a Snack Tray- self explanatory

4-Take a Shoe Box Lid and Turn it Into Art

5- Restore Aged Windows to Display Art

6- Adult Socks Into Toddler Leggings

7-Sweater refashions. There are tons of these ideas on Pinterest.


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Stockpile Keyboards to Make Art



  1. I always see all these cute craft ideas on Pinterest and on blogs, and they always make me wish I was more into DIY. I’m sure once life gets more stationary I’ll be more able to talk myself into putting effort into our living space, but until then, I’ll be pining and jealous of all the crafts out there. Thanks for some more great ideas!

  2. These are all really wonderful ideas! Thank you for the list of ways to up-cycle old items. I especially like the statement necklace and aged windows to display art. I have needed to figure out a place to put all my little trinkets and collectibles, and the aged art display would be perfect for my small ceramics.

  3. I REALLY wish I could sew! It would help me revamp so many of my old clothes that are out of style (I guess I am a bit of a pack-rat that way because I still have them!). Thanks for linking up at the TALENTED TUESDAY link party.

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