If you rent textbooks, you can save lives

This is considered a sponsored post, meaning I was compensated in some form for sharing this information for you. I determined this was important information and something I would stand behind and therefore was willing to share it with you.

If you are going to college, or have ever gone to college, you know how expensive those text books can be. And you remember how frustrating and difficult it is to sell those books back, if that was even an option at the end of the year. If there was a text book rental program back when I was in school, it would have been such a great deal.

The cost of textbooks

I am over all a frugal person, you should know that about me by now, mostly for things that make no sense to spend a lot of money on. Yes, I kept some of the books, like my science books, and some of my lit books, but most of them I was more than happy to get rid of. Campusbookrentals.com is just that site. Imagine renting and returning your textbooks. Imagine not having to stand in line at the bookstore, or not even having to leave home if you are going back to school and have a family to manage as well. If you rent a textbook you can save your own budget.

Some perks of using Campusbookrentals.com are:

-save 40-90% off of bookstore prices

-free shipping both ways

-can highlight in the textbooks

-flexible renting periods

-we donate to Operation Smile with each textbook rented

Did you catch that last perk?

They donate to Operation Smile.

Are you familiar with Operation Smile?

You may find more information about Operation Smile . So by choosing to rent a textbook you can save lives. In a really big way.

 So now you also have the RentBack program

RentBack is new initiative that allows students to rent the textbooks they own – to other students… which is awesome because it makes them 2-4 times more money compared to what they’d make through buyback options! (selling their books back at the end of the semester) Isn’t that awesome?! To find out more, like how it works go to Campusbookrentals.com     I’m looking for the post to go up by the end of the month, but we can push it back a week or two if necessary.

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