Popular Casinos Around Europe

 Popular Casinos Around Europe

No matter how you look at it Europe has always been obsessed with gambling in casinos as it is often thought that casinos were invented in Europe especially in France. This is a great reason to visit Europe though as there is so much history behind gambling and casinos in many of the countries that you will find interesting casinos spread all around the continent.

Take for example Monte Carlo and especially the casino de Monte Carlo which is world famous in gambling circles. The casino itself is a luxury affair with all the great games you’d expect on top of incredible service and almost everything you could wish for from casino. For the surrounding area is also very interesting as Monte Carlo itself is a small city state that has special tax laws meaning that the rich and famous enjoy their lives living there. So while you’re at the beach or the casino table you may well see a famous person or by or can play with you.

Even without history you still have a great time as there are many casinos that are still being built today that are fantastic place to visit and enjoy a casino game two. Take for example the Hippodrome in London, this casino was opened last July and so has less than a year under its belt however it is already being touted as one of the best casinos in Europe. The casino was created using an old theatre building meaning that the interior has a historic feel while all the games and services it offers are completely modern meaning that you get a nice contrast between the two worlds.

One casino that is neither old nor new can be found in Italy known as the Casino Municipale Campione d’Italia. It has a great selection of games, enough to even rival an iphone casino such as Gaming Club. Not far outside of Milan this casino offers everything you could ever want from a modern casino while having a stunning look on the outside that you should definitely see if you ever visit Italy.

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