New Year, Wellness plans

Why are wellness plans important?

My family has suffered through some wellness issues the last couple weeks. Doctors say we have the flu, but it is a very very mild case if that is true. I took one of the kids to the doctor because of three days of fever. I felt mostly like a sinus infection- or a cold. My oils, eating soup- especially hot and sour soup, cleaning, resting, eating lots of citrus fruits, and staying hydrated would help us bounce back quick enough. And it did. If this was the flu- the only way you would have known is because my child spiked a fever and snuggled more. Once they got ibuprofen- which I gave because the fevers were 102-103, brought it right down and they would eat, play, and look normal.

care of your body

We were diffusing thieves oil, RC, and applying peppermint to the back of the head.

We kept in and rested, playing games, and drinking hot lemon tea with honey.

We ate a lot of cuties, and drank natural citrus drinks like orange juice.

We all took my homemade elderberry syrup regularly and our vitamins.

We used saline rinses, like NeilMed Sinus Rinse, twice a day.

We bounced back exceptionally well, minus the husband. Let’s say he is not fully on board with my natural tendancies. He will try it if desperate, but he does not use them regularly, which makes the biggest difference.

So the question is, did we have a mild case overall, or was it just mild because of the wellness plans we have in motion? I think that is hard to answer quantitatively. We have not been sick at all in over 2 years prior to this. We do not get the flu shot (-allergy issues so don’t fight me and ultimately it is my choice).

What is the plan for 2015? Helping with your wellness plans.

I am going through training to help discern what symptoms mean and what our bodies are deficient of to help alleviate those symptoms. I have seen the focus on a healthy body alleviate so many of my son’s issues, that I am ready to take it to the next level.

You will see regular posts here about what I am learning, and how it can benefit your family. If you would like a private consultation and allow me to provide feedback on what you could try, my best suggestions, feel free to email me (


The changes this site have brought me over the last few years have shown me that while I love crafts and DIY, my passion is in so many things. When I rebranded Begin To Craft away from solely crafts into crafting a life of passion, I knew one day we would be looking at a new domain name.

Savvy Southern Parent, my other page, is a great parenting and local resource for my area, but I want to combine the outlets into one place with different categories. I had been playing with new themes and colors over the last several months and am ready to make this change to kick of 2015.

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  1. Another thought for you…Perhaps you and your children are detoxing a bit? Sometimes when I start eating more fresh fruits and vegetables and drinking more water, I find I have flu-like symptoms (otherwise known as Herxheimer’s reaction). It’s great you are making some changes and it sounds like you are doing some really good things! I truly believe that our bodies were created to heal and if we give them what they need, they will do that. :)

    • That is a good point. I remember the first major chiropractic appointment I had when we were not having to fix one issue but focused on full body reset. I felt like the flu and was very dizzy for a week afterwards, but they had warned me it would happen. Body resets are a great thing.

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