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Natural Home Care

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So you know we are very particular about what we use in our house. It’s gotta be natural. It should be recycleable. It should work, right! If it doesn’t work I don’t need it. Convenience still plays a large part in what products we use. I use cloth as much as possible cleaning up at the house, but let’s be real. It can be difficult and the kids use a new one each time, and I have a huge load of kitchen towels to wash.

I like paper towels, but don’t like putting that much trash out.

Bamboo Perforated Towels

natural cleaning bamboo towel
When I got the chance to review these NatureZway Bamboo Perforated towels, I jumped at it. These can be reused, washed and last a really long time. You see how thick they are above? We used these to capture oil after we fried squash, french fries, and okra. We only needed one sheet and it caught all the oil.

bamboo towels
We have used these for about a couple weeks and still have most of the roll left. This one I used to clean off my counters, wipe down the stove top, and clean the kitchen appliances. I just washed it off in the sink in between to clear it up. You can see it still looks pretty good.

Bamboo Floor Wipes

bamboo floor cleaning

I haven’t tried this with my Shark steam mop yet, but they do really good holding up on my swiffer. Again, I just rinsed it, let it dry and reused it. They last really well. I am really impressed with them.

You can rinse it out and use it up to 100 times. And when you throw it away, its guilt free- as it is biodegradable. How does it work?

NaturezWay rayon made from Bamboo fiber Floor Wipes clean floors with lots of power and no impact on Mother Earth! Use on the most sensitive surfaces, even hardwood! NaturezWay Bamboo Floor Wipes will fit on most major brands of sweeper, but unlike the traditional wipes, which are made of polyester and take up a permanent residence in landfills, these are eco-friendly and leave little to no harm to the earth after discarded, plus they are super absorbent! They can also be used either wet or dry for maximum flexibility and top notch cleaning!

You can find these NatureZway products at Target now.


This other product I found is like all those boxes and kits we get in the mail, only better. You actually need it. No, really. Its autoship home air filters from a group called FilterSnap . You sign up, giving them your address and filter size. They will mail it to you as you specify based on how often you need to change your air filters.


Imagine not having to forget about it, and having better circulation for your house. Better air quality, and better energy costs.

This is something we need regularly and it helps to make it convenient. You can tell from the image, its a really good quality filter. We have had it in for over a month and this is over a month in place. It helped cool the house better, and allowed for better breathing and less allergies in the house.

Be sure to check out these products when you need better, more natural options at home.

What products do you think should be covered? Do you have any favorites?


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