Mockingjay Part 1 Movie Review

Thanks to my friend, and a semi-regular contributor Tonia Melhorn for covering the Mockingjay Part1 pre-screening for me.  It was the night of my son’s birthday and you just don’t miss those things. Tonia has contributed reviews for craft supplies and sewing patterns for me and I love her dearly.


Mockingjay Part 1 opens today November 21, 2014!

Mockingjay P1

Here are her thoughts.

I was extremely excited when Jessica called and asked me to go see the preview of Mockingjay Pt.1. I could not wait! Boy was I not disappointed!!!
Having read the series already, I looked forward to what would happen. I loved that this movie was more about Katniss’ feelings and the emotions she has. You see her discover some feelings she has been ignoring and the unrest she has within herself. I mean, the first two movies were about the games with a side of unrest. This one is about the unrest in everyone.

This movie could have gone really wrong really quickly, but, fortunately for all of us who love this series, they got it right! I mean I was laughing one minute and then in the next I would be tearing up.
I thought that Mockingjay Pt. 1 did a great job of covering the beginning of the book perfectly! And the ending point was spot on!!! I mean, let’s be honest here. Some movies that are split like this have a hard time at the splitting point. Not this one. Man, I can not wait to see Pt. 2.

Mockingjay P1 Peeta

I mean, really, run, don’t walk to the theater Friday! I will be watching this one in the theaters again, for sure!!!!!!

Here is the trailer:

You will have to wait a year for Part 2, November 2015.



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