Kids Craft Blogger Challenge December 2013

Kids Craft Blogger Challenge

So, my kids like crafts as much as I do. If you don’t believe me, check out the faces opening up this packet I received from Mom Trusted this month. Mom Trusted is a place where you can find hundreds of kids activities.

Kids Craft Blogger Challenge packet

Yes, just like their mama. What was in that package? Oh just a little feathers, tissue paper, pipe cleaners, ya know fun kid craft supplies.


Now, what in the world can you do with these items? Well, its Christmas, and my kids wanted to create, so I let them choose.

The extra supplies we brought in to use included:

  • glue gun, low heat
  • Styrofoam ball
  • basic fake wreath
  • glass vase

These were all things we already had around the house, cause I am a craft supply hoarder (an organized one-sorta)

craft disco ball

My daughter wanted to make a disco ball. So we took the glue gun and hot glued the tissue paper squares to a styrofoam ball.

102_1656She put in in whatever pattern she chose.

Tissue paper disco ball

She is very proud of her disco ball. We hot glued a pipe cleaner to it so that it could be hung from something, like a ceiling I suppose. tissue paper disco ballHere is a close up of her tissue paper disco ball. Those are not tinsel pieces hanging from it, that would be the hot glue. I was impressed by how well she did with the low heat glue gun.

So I let her little brother use it for his project. He thought adding feathers to a wreath was a great idea. It was also his own personal Christmas craft decoration for his door.

feather wreath

You can see that the supplies were added to their “treasure chest”. He started gluing feathers randomly to the wreath.


He tried adding pipe cleaners to it, but it didn’t work out very well, so those went back in the box.

102_1653And we ended up with a multi-colored feather wreath that looked surprisingly good on his door.

feather wreathI would not have pictured this outcome at all, but was so happy about it.

flower wreathAnd so was he. Having a fun and successful craft outcome builds a lot of confidence in a child. They love pointing out their completed projects to people, especially when I post them online.

Finally, we have baby girl.

I really had not expectations that she would do anything. She just would walk by grabbing pieces of stuff, and even when she was done, I didn’t see much in it.

tissue paper flower

It looks like she just twisted them together and poked the tissue paper onto some of the ends. Kids and their creativity- my six year old schreeched and put in in a vase. A flower bouquet!

tissue paper pipecleaner flower

And then I saw it. I love challenges like this. I completely let my kids do their thing and they surprise me time and again.

Sweet baby was so proud too.

tissue and pipecleaner flowerThis thing she is carrying was a feather wrapped up by a pipe cleaner. It reminded me of one of those funny fuzzy pens. She used it to tickle people lol.

What would you have done with these supplies? What other ideas pop in your head?

kids craft challenge


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