Kevin Costner knows all about love

If you have been in love with Kevin Costner since Robin Hood, Dances with Wolves, For Love of the Game, Message in a Bottle, or any other truly romantic movie, you know the man knows about love. He can certainly portray and convey a great sense of romance and women, including myself since my pre-teen years, have looked up to his male persona because of it.

Personally, my favorite is Robin Hood. Maybe this explains my fascination with The Arrow.

Kevin+Costner+Robin+Hood+Prince+of+Thieves_0Well, Kevin Costner now has an amazing movie out called Black or White, that tells the love story of his granddaughter. The parents have passed on and there is a fight between the grandparents over the mixed-race child. Now, tell me, don’t you just love him more fighting for his grand daughter and finding ways to push past racial boundaries and showing us that love sees no color!

Check out the trailer for the movie here:

I love this graphic they put together sharing their feelings and thoughts on the movie and the faith and love that inspired it.

This movie is in theaters now, and you should absolutely go see it. I think its very timely and we all need something inspiring and to be reminded that love is about more than romance.

What do you think?

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