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WWJD movie reviewWWJD: What would Jesus do?

Do you find yourself saying this often? Do you remember when everyone had a WWJD bracelet?

We had the opportunity to review the DVD of the movie What would Jesus do? which is based on the bestselling novel of the same name. Family Christian stores provided this movie to us. The movie stars John Schneider, who plays a drifter that supports and encourages the community through the issues they are dealing with. He is certainly a stand out performer in this movie. The movie certainly felt like a Lifetime channel movie, and would have come across great as a Sunday family movie event like the types I grew up with on TV. It felt very Highway to Heaven and Touched by an Angel to my husband and I.

The acting was weak and it was low budget, but ultimately I don’t tear apart movies for that. I am looking for the story, and though it feels a bit forced, I get what they are going for. I can say it was along several real life situations that I know of. The parallels between the pastor and his ex-con brother and the young brothers causing trouble is a nice way to bring the story full circle. The desperation, anger, and true hate is understandable in the pastor’s struggles along with the slow but sweet way he is helped and shown the sacrifices and changes of his brother.

We both felt the movie would have done well as a regular TV show just like Touched by an Angel. I can just imagine the drifter showing up in random towns and helping the community members reminding them What would Jesus do? He had such an authoritative way of speaking. Having just spoken with John Schneider at Raleigh’s Wizard World comic con event, I was struck by how he sounds exactly the same in person.

There is, of course, forgiveness, redemption and renewal, but there are still consequences and heartbreak. It was a nice movie and I would let my kids watch it, though there is underage drinking, attempted suicide, and some assault, as well as a gun used. These are all done for specific reason, and not glorified. But I want you to know what is there to determine if your family or kids can handle watching it.

The DVD releases 3/31/15.

This DVD is being added to our church library. We love being able to share movies with other Christians and provide opportunities to talk about life with our family and friends.

What movie have you seen that would work better as a TV show than a movie?

Do you still ask yourself What would Jesus Do? or do you ask something else?

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  1. WWJD has stuck with me for countless years! The arm bands kicked off such a craze and the phrase will never be forgotten. Thanks for sharing on Home Matters Linky Party. Hope you stop back by next Friday when the door opens at 12am CST.

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