Healthy alternatives to dealing with Colds, Flu, Allergy, and Ear Infections

sinus, allergies, cold and flu protocols for natural wellness

So I told you I was taking lots of training for wellness and healthy advocacy. One of the first ones was related to allergies and the cold and flu because I started back in February when this was a really big deal. So let me share with you some of what I learned.

Identifying a Cold, Allergy, or Flu

Let’s start with how to determine if something is an allergy, cold, flu, or something else.

Nasal Congestion: You tend to find nasal congestion in cold, flu, and allergy.

Fever: You will see a low grade fever in the cold but mostly in flu. Aches and pains are more common in the flu, usually the tell tale sign, along with fatigue.

Sneezing makes it easy to identify, its definitely allergy. Other symptoms like sore throat, and stuffy nose could be a cold, but also sometimes in the allergy.

 Ways to treat a sinus and allergy issues using natural remedies

First of all, make sure you eliminate dairy, then follow this for 10 to 14 days and if the following tips do not make things better then you need to go see a doctor to get on antibiotics. Ok, so make sure you are doing a saline rinse with salt water because salt water will help shrink up and reduce the swelling in your nasal passages which will allow you to breathe better as well as allow everything in the sinuses to drain, removing all that mucus and bacteria that is up in there to come out.

Echinacea, Defend and Resist and Omegaguard can help. Take vitamin C, and a good bacteria probiotic, especially after antibiotics. I can’t tell you how extremely important the Optiflora probiotic is, even if they haven’t been on antibiotic it still extremely effective. If you don’t have children that will swallow a tiny pearl size pill, then try using the Citriboost which is a multivitamin that has the probiotic already in it in powder form that you can mix in anything just realize that they’re going to lose some along the way due to the acidity of the stomach before it reaches the intestines

There is a study showing children given probiotics and spend less time in the NICU than those that aren’t given probiotics and so much so that formula creators are looking at adding it to formulas because it reduces the amount of diarrhea and help stabilize the gut in children.

Build up an immune system with a good diet. Eat organic as much as you can. Drink water stay away from sugar and dairy and artificial sweeteners. Get adequate rest, but do not stay in the bed all day. It is important to exercise and maintain an solid supplementation program.

Other solid Nutritional Supplements

Omega guard is giving a lot of great benefits to children from the anti-inflammatory so it helps eczema to allergies and even some asthma.

Alfalfa is a natural antihistamine and garlic is natural antibiotic.

If you put garlic in a stocking and put it on an infants foot and it will absorb through the skin it’s a natural way to build immune system you can also use garlic oil on other locations of the body on the year on the neck and it will absorb through the skin and help build immunity.

Other immune boosters to use include Vitamin C, Echinacea,  Nutriferon dependent resistor is a great way to get all a lot of those things into your system.

Dealing with ear infections/earache

When you’ve got ear infections or earache and you need to relieve the pressure in the ear and something warm to the ear canal does that. You can use warmed oil, or a warm compress to put on the ear helps reduce the swelling and open it up so you have the heat transferred when it expands that expanded air helps popping  the ear and relieve the pressure.

I will add more training as I have time and can review my notes to provide the best options and plans for you to eliminate pain, save your health and your budget.

If you have specific questions or want to talk with me, you can reach me here:

Note: I am not a doctor. I am not a nurse. I have a BS in Biology, minor in Chemistry. I do not know your personal medical history. These are recommendations and notes from a training I completed with a medical doctor on recommendations to recognize and treat these common ailments with natural alternatives before having to go to a doctor. Please consult a doctor if symptoms are severe and use common sense.

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