Getting my day organized with a To-Do List printable

I like a To-Do List. It helps me plan my day and not forget things. I created one to be pretty and small enough to fit where I needed it. I like the colors, it’s Shaklee green, lol. But I liked the idea of sorting what I have to do and what I want or hope to do. Being able to customize it to my needs was the biggest reason I wanted to create my own. I am sharing it here with you to help you get ready and organized yourself.

Free To-Do List Printable

Let’s start together and help motivate each other. What do you need help or support with? I will be adding small exercise time, my devotion time, trying to plan meals ahead of time. Grocery shopping items to be added.

To Do list

Do you feel like me? I am very tech savvy and use my phone for just about everything, but I need a real list, in hand, to write on when I need it. I like the pretty paper and posting it on the fridge to add to.

I added a little notes section at the bottom, and of course there is the back to add details or notes to, if you need more space.

Comments and Thoughts

I hope this helps you and would love your feedback and comments below. Tell me how you use it?

Are there other forms, or documents you could use that I can help with?

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