Fabulously easy one dish lemon shrimp recipe

Lemon Shrimp


This is the yummiest, easiest dish of food I have made like ever. Yes, we used shell-on shrimp for this. I started with frozen because it is what I had cheap, but fresh works better. Cook it with shell-on.

Lemon Shrimp recipe


  • shrimp
  • lemons-sliced. It’s your choice how thin or thick
  • hot sauce- your choice on how hot.
  • Worcestershire sauce
  • butter
  • Italian or French loaf sliced
  • season salt
  • pepper


You are going to layer the ingredients in the dish. Start with the shrimp, then pour the Worcestershire sauce over it. Add a pat of butter and slice of lemon on top of each shrimp. A drop of hot sauce goes on top of each lemon slice. Then sprinkle with season salt and pepper. I added dried minced onion to the top of mine, but its not required.

lemon shrimp layers


Bake at 350 for about 20 minutes. Watch it because it can be done sooner sometimes. Let it cool and save that juice to dip your bread in.

This is so very yummy and warm. You will not be disappointed. I love how easy clean-up

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easy 1 dish Lemon Shrimp



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