Eshakti customized dress review

Eshakti customized dress review


I have actually had this dress for a while. They were kind enough to send it to me back at the beginning of summer. I got asked by Eshakti to review another of their dresses this summer. You can see my last dress review here. This time, I got to choose another one, but they wanted to make sure I had something changed, altered, from the original to be able to talk about that service. Eshakti is a dress maker, overseas, that has really cool modern and vintage clothing options, including plus size and bridesmaid options. They are really cute, and you can customize the color, length, sleeve, and neckline for almost every dress. There are some dresses you have more options on than others.

I chose a summer dress with a halter style neckline, in a vintage looking yellow fabric pattern. I had it shortened. I have a hard time having to choose something to change on their dresses because I like so many of them the way they are. It arrived in about 2 weeks. Unfortunately, the NC summer weather did not cooperate with my dress wearing needs this summer. It rained all the time. I did not go out on date nights and only to church- which I didn’t feel comfortable wearing the halter style dress in without a cardigan. So, nearly the end of summer, and with it slighly cool but not raining. I convinced my husband to take some pictures of me in the dress.

I did wear it a few other times, but getting hubby and the 3 kiddos dressed and out the door to 9:30am church service is difficult to do, let alone get pictures. I had my 6 year old take pictures a couple times, but they were not share-worthy. So, sorry you had to wait.

I liked how this one turned out. I can finally wear some high heels again, and these nude ones were perfect. I am happy with how it turned out, and I felt very feminine and adult in my dress. I felt like an actual model, and not a harried mommy running out the door half ready while her kids and hubby look awesome. Here is a shot of the back of the dress. The fit also allowed me to hide some mommy spots that make me self conscious without feeling uncomfortable. I did feel the need to constantly check the neck where it ties to make sure it wasn’t coming loose. You certainly don’t want a halter neck to come untied during a church service while toting your kids around. It didn’t. But I prefer halter styles that hook securely vs tying.



What do you think? Do I pull it off? I like that most of the options are reasonably priced around $40-60. They have clothes to fit such a range of sizes from 0-36w, in both ready-to-wear and customized. They shipping/delivery policy rocks, stating 14 business days from order or your money back, which totally rocks because they are based overseas, so you would expect it to take longer.

Here is one of the sassy fall numbers I am digging, even at $79.95, but you can grab a $25 coupon for being a new customer, which makes this much more affordable.

Eshakti Fall 2013 dress

Have you checked out the Eshakti website yet? Anything perk your interest?


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