Classic Wood Prints review

We received a free print from Classic Wood Prints to facilitate this review. We were sent this awesome multi-color geometric print and it is pretty awesome when you see it up close. The art is actually printed on the wood, like you can see the wood grain when you get close.
wood grain art
Take your favorite photos & artwork and have them etched in wood. Classic Wood Prints is a unique art form that is a unique blend of wood working and photography that captures a beautiful visual way of storytelling. 

They not only use real material for this amazing art piece that can be personalized, but Classic Wood Prints is a fan or keeping the environment strong bu replacing what it takes, a donation will be made to Plant-It 2020, giving back to the environment and community by planting trees, providing direct humanitarian aid & and restoring forestry. Now, that is something to be proud of and worth standing behind.

Turn that adventurous summer or favorite travel moments into a photographic, keep-sake one on wood that would be great for stocking stuffers and holiday decoration. The prints are designed to last for more than 20 years without fading which uses a UV ink, a fully cured ink that becomes “one” with the wood that brings out the beautiful wood grains. Imagine a multi-generation photograph on wood like this! There are so many ideas.
classic wood prints
Isn’t that awesome! Imagine an image you recently took, or had taken of family printed in this manner as a gift. No Canvas to get busted by falling, but art on wood to hang on your wall and last.
It comes with everything you need to hang it.
Included are some great steps on how to hang it, and make your life easier. I had to laugh at this, but it truly is genius. I needed this before my DIY days.
how to hang classic wood art

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