Change the ambiance of your yard with Blisslights

Blisslights will help you get ready to spend your evenings outside now that it’s warm out.

We just spent our entire weekend prepping our backyard, and back deck for the warm weather. The kids love being able to stay up later and enjoy the backyard, watch the stars, and just talk.  Finding cool, modern lighting options can make for an incredible summer with minimal effort. Look how different Blisslights can make your yard view.

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Here’s how they work.

BlissLights will transform your backyard into a fun-filled place for partying this spring. Turn your summertime pool party into a magical memory by coating the area in stars. You can also shine BlissLights onto your dining area for a romantic, twinkling setting. Change up your ambiance in an instant, by simply plugging in.

BlissLights is a laser holographic technology which projects thousands of pinpoints of lights onto any surface. You can shine green lights to spice up your garden, red lights to add flare to your summertime BBQ or blue lights to bring brilliance to an outdoor wedding or any water features. BlissLights can turn a drab backdrop into a night of excitement!

What ways would you use it?

BlissLights Products feature: 

·       Firefly effects

·       Wide range of colors – single colored lighting and multi-colors available

·       Indoor/outdoor laser projector

·       Built-in timer

·       Ground stake to keep BlissLights secure

·       Remote control

·       Plug in to any standard outlet

·       Never tangles



You won’t have to waste money on hundreds of lights that are likely to get tangled. BlissLights allows you to shine thousands of lovely lights, with no fuss. BlissLights offers many colorful and dazzling effects that you can control with a simple click.

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