Shaklee testimony eczema allergy

My son’s Shaklee Eczema & Allergy Testimony

Eczema & Allergy This is going to be kind-of long, and full of pictures of our befores and after. Then there is a follow-up after. And really, because this story is just about my son, it is not even going to touch on me or my husband’s changes. So, let’s get to it.   Getting to Eczema & Allergy Diagnosis…

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sinus, allergies, cold and flu protocols for natural wellness

Healthy alternatives to dealing with Colds, Flu, Allergy, and Ear Infections

So I told you I was taking lots of training for wellness and healthy advocacy. One of the first ones was related to allergies and the cold and flu because I started back in February when this was a really big deal. So let me share with you some of what I learned. Identifying a Cold, Allergy, or Flu Let’s…

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beauty mask

5 DIY beauty craft ideas to end winter

Five DIY Beauty Craft Ideas With Which To End Winter!   When winter’s winding down you’re ready to get into the swing—and spring!—of things. If you love DIY crafts, renovate your beauty regimen to prepare for the warmer months. Image Courtesy of Shutterstock   1. Sugar Hair Removal   Winter is a great time to prep for swimwear season by…

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care of your body

New Year, Wellness plans

Why are wellness plans important? My family has suffered through some wellness issues the last couple weeks. Doctors say we have the flu, but it is a very very mild case if that is true. I took one of the kids to the doctor because of three days of fever. I felt mostly like a sinus infection- or a cold….

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classic wood prints

Classic Wood Prints review

We received a free print from Classic Wood Prints to facilitate this review. We were sent this awesome multi-color geometric print and it is pretty awesome when you see it up close. The art is actually printed on the wood, like you can see the wood grain when you get close. Take your favorite photos & artwork and have them…

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