Popular Casinos Around Europe

¬†Popular Casinos Around Europe No matter how you look at it Europe has always been obsessed with gambling in casinos as it is often thought that casinos were invented in Europe especially in France. This is a great reason to visit Europe though as there is so much history behind gambling and casinos in many of the countries that you…

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traveling with small kids

5 Travel Tips with Small Kids

5 Travel Tips with Small Kids We recently did a whirlwind 8 hour road trip to Orlando from Charlotte for a weekend. Yes, but it was worth it, and very simple. We left Thursday afternoon after the hubs and I had worked 10 hour days, and picked up a minivan rental- Dodge and it rocked. The hubs loaded up the…

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tulum jess

Travel: Playa Del Maya

  We took an Airtran flight, business class woot woot, to Playa del Maya, Mexico in February 2013.¬† It was the start of our 10 year Anniversary trip. We snagged an awesome deal on Airtran Airways, which is now merging with Southwest, for Business/First Class seats. Literally it was only $65 more than regular seats. It was so worth boarding…

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A Special Cause; Heart of Haiti

I had an amazing time at Type A Parent Conference and am coming back with some new knowledge, that I will share later, and crafty ideas and products that I just had to go ahead and share some with you. I spoke with Danica of Everywhere Society about Heart of Haiti and when I bought an awesome handmade beaded bracelet,…

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homemade tortilla, Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

Wordful Wednesday San Diego Travel Food Edition

Wordful Wednesday San Diego Travel Food Edition This was Amazing! You know what travel food is, right?! It is the food you try when you travel that is different than your normal options. I always try somewhere unique and different. I always ask someone I am with, if local, for suggestions, or the server what they are known for, or…

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