Four Blood Moons Movie 2015-sm

Four Blood Moons

The movie Four Blood Moons combines scripture, science, history and big screen live action as it examines a never-to-be-repeated celestial event occurring now that in years past was surrounded by major change. A blood moon occurs at a lunar eclipse when the earth comes between the sun and the moon. As the sun shines through the atmosphere, it throws a…

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bathroom hacks

Clever small bathroom hacks for first time home owners

To keep your bathroom clean, tidy and well organized you can use some smart tips which will help you maintain it to be functional. The bathroom can get easily cluttered with a lot of things. To learn how to avoid this and take care of its cleanness here are some clever small bathroom hacks which can be used by first…

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mint container upcycle

You won’t believe what upcycling this mint container can become…..

I love recycled and upcycled projects, especially when they are simple and meet a need. If you are like me, you will love this project. This simple mint container becomes an amazing multiple use project that anyone can do. Plus there is the bonus of eating the treats to empty the container to use later.   This project uses a…

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spray bottle

Get started with a Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring Cleaning time is here! Let’s gear up for enjoying the weather and clearing out the closed up crud from winter. Spring Cleaning is the only time I get into cleaning. It’s like nesting when I was pregnant. I want to open up the doors, host people at our home, and shake off the dust in the house. I found…

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spring cleaning

Spring Cleaning Series: Where to start

It’s officially Spring. The flowers are blooming. The grass is green. The sun is out. We are ready to spend more time outside. For many of us, it is also the time we start diving into Spring Cleaning. We want to clear out the clutter, and get rid of the dust and yuckiness of being shut up all winter. Let’s…

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