Shake up your summer with Aqua Fresca recipes from TLC’s Ereka Vetrini

Ereka Vetrini is the host of TLC’s Sunday Brunch, which airs on Sunday mornings. She brings you the very best brunch & cocktail recipes, styling tips and more, but Ereka just introduced the world to a new twist on the traditional aqua fresca drink. Aqua Fresca is a drink you can traditionally find sold by street vendors throughout Central America, Mexico,…

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shoe slotz box

Shoe Slotz changes your closet and showcases your shoes

Shoe Slotz doubles your closet storage Does anyone else struggle with closet space for your shoes? I am lucky enough to have a huge walk in closet with the nice wood shelving organizational system. I have my shoes at eye level where I can see them, but it’s still tough. I sure don’t want to get rid of any unless…

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Change the ambiance of your yard with Blisslights

Blisslights will help you get ready to spend your evenings outside now that it’s warm out. We just spent our entire weekend prepping our backyard, and back deck for the warm weather. The kids love being able to stay up later and enjoy the backyard, watch the stars, and just talk.  Finding cool, modern lighting options can make for an incredible…

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activated charcoal

Why Activated Charcoal Is Hot

The New ‘It’ Trend: Why Activated Charcoal Is Hot Millennials & Others Welcome Effective New Innovation Sometimes, in order to get clean, you have to get a little dirty. This is a concept that humanity has known for thousands of years with our long history of mud baths. But it’s not just about mud anymore. Most recently, the trendy new…

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featured Oscars kicked up Santa Margherita wine cocktails

Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio creates super Oscar cocktails

We were supplied this amazing bottle of Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio to come up with some Oscar worthy cocktails.  There is a lot of buzz with this year’s Oscars with the debate about Hollywood and the views of actors of color. I have seen talented people of all backgrounds and there are tremendous reasons to recognize this. I hope this…

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