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We received one of the coolest imaginative kids items to review for our holiday gift guide. Box Creations are the items I just can’t wait to set up for the kids Christmas morning.

They sent us the carriage, pirate ship and play house to review. We put together a video of my husband putting the carriage together. This was so much fun to set up, and once you got the hang of how it goes together and folds, its much easier. The directions took a little bit to understand and set up, but it was simple once you see how it goes.

We explain more and show you how it goes in the video.

The tricky thing we dealt with was the box came slightly damaged. The cardboard that sets up the lantern and hanger was torn and one piece was broken. We contacted Box Creations and they sent us a replacement piece immediately, but if you have this for Christmas and have no time to get an extra part, you can trace and create a replacement piece with extra cardboard you have lying around or that you grab at Walmart.

It comes with markers and everything you need to put it together. Your kids can design and decorate the box creation however they choose. It is sturdy enough for them to play on and in.  The kits cost $29.99.


To give you an idea of the size of this product, the dimensions are 57″x 32″x 36″. We make an effort to choose items that are both unique, creative, and earth friendly. This product line meets all of those things. It is not often you find a product that is so clever and sustainable. All products are made from recycled and repurposed materials.

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