Best 2015 Toys for Boys

Best 2015 Toys for Boys

I attended Blogger Bash in NYC in July and found some great toys that you can’t wait to hear more about. It is a really awesome event, that includes Sweet Suite, a toy event that is amazing. We were mailed a box that includes an assortment of toys from the vendors there. I will have several toy posts because we want to tell you about these toys. I am just going to share our favorites. It will be sorted in girls, boys, everyone, and maybe one more.


Firetek Zeon Bowz bow

My son loves bow and arrow toys. There are some that are rougher than others, and some that are so flimsy they don’t work at all. You know boys want to hit a target. They want to have it stick to something. They want it to take some steps, and be a challenge, but they want it to work. The Firetek Zeon Bow and arrow work, are simple to navigate, my 4 year old did it. Over and over, and I need to buy more arrows. They stick to my glass door, my wall and the ceiling. It stings if it hits you but doesn’t really hurt. He sleeps with this bow.


ZURU Bunch O Balloons; Water Balloons


You have seen these on TV and wondered if they really work, or if they are worth it. Yes, yes, for real, buy them. Buy a lot of them. We used the ZURU Bunch O Balloons. You will use these so much with the kids, but also with adults being funny and playing together that it is worth it. You know how those water balloon fights are so much fun but it takes so long to fill up enough water balloons and then you are done with them in 5 minutes. Well, at least this way, it took you way less to prep the balloons, and you can keep the fight going as long as you have more of these on hand. It literally fills up over 100 balloons in under a minute, really 5 is realistic. The kids help with it, and are fascinated with how it works.

If you follow me on social media, you saw our video posted of how it works and us playing with them.

Hexbug Inchworm Bot

bot pic

My husband grew up with RC cars and all things remote control. He couldn’t wait til our son was old enough to enjoy them. These little bots from Hexbug, are the Inchworms, and are super cool to use and great at getting the hand eye coordination improved. Or at least that is what the boys tell me. Ultimately, my son just thinks its fun. He plays with it all the time and it fits easily anywhere.

You can check out our video on social media for this toy as well. Super cool.

Have you found some other awesome toys for active boys? What are your favorite 2015 toys for boys?

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