5 Travel Tips with Small Kids

5 Travel Tips with Small Kids

We recently did a whirlwind 8 hour road trip to Orlando from Charlotte for a weekend. Yes, but it was worth it, and very simple. We left Thursday afternoon after the hubs and I had worked 10 hour days, and picked up a minivan rental- Dodge and it rocked. The hubs loaded up the luggage and 3 car seats, and I drove. Let’s be nice and say that he is not one that likes to drive. His anxiety goes through the roof. He’s not so great watching me drive either, but makes for a great co-pilot for directions, accident and construction re-routing, and handling the kid needs.

Here is the packing checklist I created. You are free to download and use it.

Car travel tips with kids

I created a few printables that I found and that I created to make our road trip easier. I included the checklist above, but the rest are available for free to my email subscribers. You can sign up for that in the right sidebar.

5 tips:

1- be prepared for anything and everything.

I think of it as Murphy’s law. If I have it, I won’t need it. Everything from meds to car sick bags to pillows to wipes to food. And definitely do not forget the favorite item they must have like a blankie, or stuffed animal.

2- Build in time to stop.

Hubby likes to complete the journey. He is a destination kinda guy, not enjoy the ride. But when I planned an overnight stop near the Florida border, it helped break up the trip for us to rest. Heading home, we planned to stop for lunch, to run and play, and to move around. It helps break up the trip and stretch legs, and everyone is not so antsy. Plus we have 2 newly potty trained, and you need to be able to stop for those emergencies, and have a plan for when you can’t stop. The baby girl used a pull-up, but the boy peed in a bottle that had a lid on it.

3- Have several forms of entertainment

And only bring out one at a time. Trucks for the boy, coloring books for the older one, DVD players and movies, DS and games.

4- Travel games

We like ones like iSpy for road trips, tic tac toe, Road Trip Bingo, Story boards, and more. These are things you don’t do at home and only see on road trips. They like seeing these things, but making a game out of them makes them next level.

5- Comfort is everything.

We travel wearing comfy, clothes in layers- someone is always hot, or cold. We have crocs or slip on shoes that are easy to get on/off for stops and such. We bring blankets to snuggle in and travel pillows so its comfy in those car seats. We have not always had those- they were a gift for a holiday, and we have traveled without them before, however it did make for a more restful travel day because heads weren’t bobbing in the back, and they rested better.

What travel tips do you suggest?


  1. Nice post!I Love the idea of going on vacation with family.Whenever,we take road trips, I always do some online research to find interesting places to stop for breaks and also beautiful places to make it fun experince for my kids.

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