Disneyside party 2015

Rocking our Disneyside for a sweet birthday girl

We have not been to Disney World in a couple years as a family. Almost 3 years in fact. The last time we went to Disney World, the birthday girl was just 3 months old. We went on my Maternity leave. It is hard to imagine that she just turned 3, but celebrating with our favorite Disney characters was perfect…

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super hero kids

Determining if we are superheros or just bizarro.

We are really into the Lego movies, and well superheroes too, so you combine the two topics and you have a hot movie for our family. My son is having some influence on shows to watch now, and lucky for him, his big sister likes most of them, so he gets his way a bit more. We are using this…

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Should I care about my wife’s love language?

Written¬†by Jordan Shea Ballard I don’t read very often, like ever. The last book I read was about some of my favorite characters on WWE- The Heartbreak Kid -Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, and Mick Foley. I was sent a copy of Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages for Men. If reading isn’t my thing normally, reading about love languages really don’t…

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baby gown gift square

Sewing Shortcuts; infant gowns for gifts

10 minute Infant Gowns or Infant Dress Tutorial Most of us are at times in our lives where a lot of people are having kids. We, as parents, know what we want. Something creative, something unique, something useful. This infant gown tutorial meets all of those needs. Bonus: it takes no time at all. These are really easy to make…

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bonne maman valentines treats

Last minute kids Valentine’s crafts for independence

I have enough to do on my own, but also feel it is an important part of parenting to teach my kids to be independent. It is my job to not do it all for them, but to allow them to do it, make mistakes, do it their way, and allow them to learn from the process. It’s won’t be…

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