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There is a lactose free Ice Cream option!

lactaid ice cream

If you suffer from lactose intolerance, or dairy allergies and sensitivities you know what it is to miss out on things. You don’t get to enjoy birthday parties, or other celebrations the same as others. You don’t get to enjoy summer days with root beer floats. You could make your own versions with milk alternatives,…

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My son’s Shaklee Eczema & Allergy Testimony

Shaklee testimony eczema allergy

Eczema & Allergy This is going to be kind-of long, and full of pictures of our befores and after. Then there is a follow-up after. And really, because this story is just about my son, it is not even going to touch on me or my husband’s changes. So, let’s get to it.   Getting…

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Back to School first day photo prop sign

back to school paper

I love new and updated things for back to school. My style changes. The kids change. We want something new, or saw something cool we wanted. This one doesn’t have a year on it and allows for more personalization and capturing each child’s uniqueness. I added some questions and allow you to put it in…

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Back to School Disney Descendants style

kohls fav descendants line

We have a slight obsession at home due to the Disney Descendants. My 8 year old and I have a review for it coming up, but trust that it’s big. REALLY BIG. So big that we just updated her back to school wardrobe to include items from Kohls D-signed clothing featuring the Descendants This is…

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Four Blood Moons

Four Blood Moons Movie 2015-sm

The movie Four Blood Moons combines scripture, science, history and big screen live action as it examines a never-to-be-repeated celestial event occurring now that in years past was surrounded by major change. A blood moon occurs at a lunar eclipse when the earth comes between the sun and the moon. As the sun shines through…

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